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What is LibrePlanet?

LibrePlanet is the annual gathering of the Free Software Foundation (free as in freedom; not as in beer). The 2021 conference was completely virtual.


Empower users by asking them for money

  • A directory of FLOSS (free/libre and open source) economic infrastructure tools are available:
  • The Free Software community has excelled in creating technical and legal (GPL) infrastructure, but our economic infrastructure is much less mature.
  • The primary models are contractor and micro-subscriptions (,,
  • Private companies, focused on the monetization of open source, are a double-edged sword. If ethically governed, they can build sustainable revenue models; if they fall prey to unethically capitalist incentives, they can destroy communities. Here’s looking at you and to do right by our communities.

Beyond “learning to code”: How Tech Learning Collective merges IT training with emancipatory political action

  • There is hierarchy of Concepts (e.g. version control) > Competencies (e.g. git) > Capabilities (e.g. collective action).
  • Commercial boot camps focus on Competencies specific to getting a job, ignoring Concepts (including history) and “non-market” Capabilities (sharing, collective action, advocacy).
  • Because of it’s commitment to free software and political education, Tech Learning Collective offers more depth, more breadth and much lower tuition (1/10th the tuition, ~$1,300 instead of ~$13,000).

Adopting free software ideals

  • It’s not your fault (we’re all victims of software that does’t respect our freedom.), but both individual and collective action can help.
  • It’s virtually impossible to rid your life of unfree software, and that’s o.k. as long as we’re making progress.
  • Organisations like FSF serve as our “north star”, in that they remind us of our values and demonstrate the art of the possible. Yes, it is possible to run a 100–1000 person conference on free software. Yes, some in the free software community have eliminated 99% of unfree software from their live. They remind us of our values.

Introduction to CiviCRM

  • Small orgs don’t need to self-host; try Spark.
  • There’s probably a plugin for your use case; check before rolling your own.


[1] The irony of writing about LibrePlanet on an utterly unfree platform like Medium isn’t lost on me. It’s 100% laziness on my part. If you have a recommendation for a free hosted solution that can import from Medium, please let me know.

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